My Community Health Center uses evidence based care and provides a variety of services to our patients.

Medical Services:

  • General Primary Care
  • Chronic Illness Management
  • Geriatric Care
  • Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Physical and Health Screenings
  • Coverage for Emergencies During and After hours
  • Voluntary Family Planning
  • Flu Shot and Immunizations
  • Well Child Services
  • Gynecological Care
  • Obstetrical Care
    • Prenatal Care
    • Postpartum Care
  • STD Testing
  • HIV and Hepatitis C treatment
  • HIV Prevention (PReP)
  • Substance Use Disorder Treatment
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Gender Affirming Care for Adults

Social/ Care Management Services:

  • Social Services Assistance
  • Medicaid Eligibility Assistance
  • Outreach
  • Health Education

Behavioral Health Services:

  • Mental Health Evaluations
  • Counseling