Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patients have the right to:
  • Receive humane care and treatment with respect and consideration
  • Privacy and confidentiality when seeking or receiving care except for life-threatening conditions or situations.
  • Confidentiality of one’s health records.
  • Being informed of and to exercise the option to refuse to participate in any research aspect of your care without compromising access to medical care and treatment.
  • Receive accurate information concerning diagnosis, treatment, risks involved and prognosis of an illness or health-related condition.
  • Ask about reasonable alternatives to care.
  • A second professional opinion regarding one’s health care and treatment.
  • Be informed about any legal reporting requirements regarding any aspect of screening care.
  • Actively participate in the selection of their personal clinician.
Patients have the responsibility to:
  • Provide complete information about one’s illness/problem, to enable proper evaluation and treatment.
  • Ask questions so that an understanding of the condition or problem is ensured.
  • Show respect to health personnel and other patients.
  • Reschedule/cancel an appointment in a timely manner so that another person may be given that time slot.
  • Pay bills or file health claims in a timely manner.
  • Use prescription or medical devices for oneself only.
  • Inform the practitioner(s) if one’s condition worsens, or an unexpected reaction occurs from a medication.